street random impressions, coffee, art, design


by yernevile / soliven

street random impressions, coffee, art, design

     – Street photography is like drinking coffee in the morning. The familiar taste, the sensation of a hot sip, the cycle of drinking from today to the other. Some days you drink more, some days you don’t.

ccp in pandemic times ©2020 soliven


  • Street photography is part of the ART lifestyle.
  • You don’t just shoot; you shoot with beauty in mind.
  • It makes you think quick, when you feel the moment is about to happen, you seem to gather all shooting experiences and calibrate it into one big gun pointing at that subject-scene. Still it doesn’t guarantee a successful shot!
  • No one is better than the other. Everyone will have their own shining moment with many opportunities the street can offer. It should be true when you reach the point of familiarity collected from years of trial-error experience. You can always go back to shoot another, and another until you get it done and satisfied.
  • Style, preferences, mood, beauty perception vary. That’s what make us unique in a big way.
  • shoot alone, and for sure you will own your world of unique personal perspectives the world will see, and praise if it deserves one.
  • A good spot will definitely yield a good result.
#spCHICAGO #spNY ©allrightsreserved
  • You are your worst critique.
  • You are your best critique.
  • The local community is harder to please than the international community. The allegiance to brands is giving a causing a dividing wall.
  • It takes an objective, confident, magnanimous, generous and giving photographer to give and share generous remarks and words of praise on other’s works. For that to happen, one is perceived to have a good grasp of the history, understand the fundamentals.
  • Pay-it-forward. Be reciprocating. When you grow older and wiser, you are much appreciated when you share once in a while. The returns may not be visible but it will come twofold, maybe more.
  • If you want to grow your network, be giving, say something objective about the work. No one makes friends without connecting and giving his fair share of investment in others.
  • Ditch the brand mentality if sponsorship is not a factor. There’s always a perfect time to talk about gears in particular forums.
  • Gears don’t necessarily make us great photographers.
  • It is the ‘learning curve’ that does.
  • Lastly, grow caringly of others by giving, sharing.
  • We didn’t’ get there by ourselves, no one did. Even Bresson learned from those before him, and he shared so much in return.

ByDESIGN, street photography has taught this writer more learning on precision, timing, and reinforced the understanding on balance, decisiveness, constructive reasoning and critiquing, none of those hurtful, vicious type of criticism, even that entails Art! ©soliven / kalye5 – kalye 5

m e nature handicraft / sorsogon2018
byDESIGN ©soliven


rafael collection / zampex2018
byDESIGN ©soliven
workng with pure rattan&wicker is a rarity now. we are privileged to have the opportunity to work on this fast disappearing craft/material.


on YouTube : kalye 5 candid STR EETS v2, 2020

‘’ every image has its own story to tell ‘’ ©soliven / kalye5 – kalye 5

street photography 2020 version 2 is a follow up to the maiden kalye 5 candid STR EETS .v1 2015 ©soliven. It features selections of shots taken randomly from different parts of the Philippines in 2015.

As in the first, this series doesn’t talk much and encourages viewers to read through the candid images for their intent, purpose and vision. Captions on the images are a bit functional and positioned for emphasis, out of wit, emotion, experience when the shots were taken…..

happy viewing!

in case you missed, here’s the first : kalye 5 candid STR EETS .series1

‘ Spotting a potential street scene, and that main character of interest ‘

As street photographers, just what do we look for when we are out shooting?

11 NOV DSC01029 C copy.jpgv.1©soliven/Virac.2016

One of my personal favorite dog shots is part of series of images culminating into this neat formation and well seen family of four enjoying their moment by the seashore perfectly framed between the legs of our canine character.

For the seasoned street photographer, this should be just a fundamental composition using handy techniques in framing and timing. As always the human presence provides  strong element for this combo.

. . .

Virac, Catanduanes [2016travel]

As both a long time travel and street photographer, it’s an opportunistic matter to capture both genres, I still love shooting sunsets. When able, you get to see that wide spectrum of the localities’ culture, architecture, the people, colors, the seascape, the gift of beautiful unique-to-the-place sunrise/s, transportation modes, and basically life unfolding.

Mornings if not raining are usually allocated for an hour of jog-walk-shoot-jog activity. I always have a ready pair of running shoes neatly tucked in my travel backpack.  The run is of course for the body and health conditioning, that’s for sure. The rest of the day is then dedicated to the different design functions.

11 NOV DSC01004 C copy.jpg©soliven/Virac
11 nov DSC00941 c copy.jpg11 NOV DSC01045 c copy.jpg©soliven/Virac
11 NOV DSC01072 C S35 Y 10 copy.jpg11 nov DSC00965 C copy.jpg©soliven/Virac
DSC01038 C copy.jpg©soliven/Virac
11 NOV DSC01106 C copy.jpg11 NOV DSC01204 C copy.jpg©soliven/Virac
11 nov DSC00939 c copy.jpg11 NOV DSC01000 c copy.jpg
11 NOV DSC00960 C S10+ copy.jpgsoliven/Virac
11 NOV DSC01082 C 6 copy.jpg©soliven/Virac
11 NOV DSC00987 C copy.jpg©soliven/Virac

Over the years I have carefully managed to carry my camera relatively stable while jogging-running. The point of destination would usually be the market, parks, and the bay walk area. Teeming with life and morning activities such as the exercises, vendors, fishermen unloading their catch, people warming up to the morning sun’s vitamin c, jeepneys, buses, boats unloading-uploading passengers, people either on pace or rushing to the office, or just the normal slice-of-life things you’d normally see in a provincial setting.

… and shoot street style!

So given this particular wide bay are area to shoot where subjects’ movements are a little slow, laid back, relaxed, we have all the time to really see and scan what is happening around, and you are in for about anything that will interest you, move you, or attract your eyes and senses.  It is also a little of an advantage of your ‘touristy’ get up as people tend to be just passive if not friendly. As a side note, one must always be ready to know how to mingle and socialize, talk your way when the situation calls for it. It eases up whatever negative notions they may be thinking at that moment. And more often than not, they somehow give that subtle silent nod of acceptance. If you happen to run again the next day to the same place, rest assured you have planted a good vibe with the local folks today!

So as street photographers, just what do we look for when we are out shooting ?

For the experienced photographer, the different techniques, styles practiced over the years are all now embodied in the fundamental process that is just ready to be applied to a corresponding specific scene and subject. And of course the quickness of the eyes and the sense of anticipation plays a BIG role in spotting what could be potential winner.

So after a long back and forth of confused viewing,  I was finally able to see light, organize, analyze this particular time and set of images from this shoot, and slowly the Dog’s character started to build up having been able to record his moments from sleep to getting up and scanning his surroundings, probably his territory.

Thus, this blog!

So our main character is a canine.

Returning from a 2nd round of run around from end to end of the boulevard, this scene came into view, and I felt this has a potential to evolve into a more interesting turn. So rightfully so, I stayed in the spot and just about ready to record the moments!

11 NOV DSC01022 C copy.jpgv.3©soliven/Virac.2016
11 NOV DSC01026' c copy.jpg11 NOV DSC01027 C copy.jpgv.4©soliven/Virac                                                                                    v.5©soliven/Virac
11 NOV DSC01028 C copy.jpgv.6©soliven/Virac

V3, V4, V5. Anticipation. At this point, this canine, fresh from its slumber, slowly and lazily got up to establish his morning routine.

V6 frame is a build up to the moment the people in the background all fall into the frame between the dog’s legs, this is quick. The eye contact is much ideal here for the connection to the viewer as well.

Final selections, V1 and V2 below. 11 NOV DSC01029 C copy.jpgv1©soliven/Virac
11 NOV DSC01031 C copy.jpgv2©soliven/Virac

For the 2 final selections, I’ll leave it up to everyone to make their own reading, analyses and appreciation.

Happy viewing!


”Spotting a potential street scene, and that character of interest ” – ©soliven/may2020

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opportunity of a (decisive) moment

3 MARCH DSC05368 C copy

Matnog, Sorsogon 2015. ©soliven 

opportunity of a decisive moment

initially the intent was shooting the wall for a No-Human-Element composition which i took anyway, when a group of kids from the neighborhood arrived and played around the area, and this particular boy showed off with his friends running a few rounds in that part of school where i was standing and shooting and naturally the SP instinct played the part shooting away the perfect opportunity with this exciting candid moment.

Selection Process: this one frame, shots of a few on post review just made me ecstatic at the beautiful result of juxtaposition of the hands. The heartbeat was pure and happy at the spontaneity that just unfolded before my eyes, and just like that, the kids were gone quickly just as how quick they arrived.


backstory: A rest in work after 2 days of community-based design work, took the morning to photowalk and document the place which at this time and period the town (which is the seaport entry-exit points to and from Northern Samar, gateway to Leyte) was uneventfully flocked by stranded travellers along with the buses and vehicles that were supposed to be carried by the Ro-Ro.

That November 7-8 2015 TYPHOON YOLANDA that Inundated, leveled down most of Samar and Leyte houses, trees, communitues, cities was the most destructive in years. The stranded buses and people at the Matnog port made the sea crossing were delayed a few days more, probably week before normalycy was restored, we can only imagine their discomfort at having to overstay in that place unprepared, cash strapped, food and clothing, grooming and clothing at the minimum comfort.

Years after, the remnants of destruction is still evident to this day.

2015 ©soliven

#alwaysCANDID #CANDIDalways #spontaniety #decisivemoment #serendipity

street photography… the many beautiful whys

street photography
– is probably the most exciting of them all, you do not know what to expect until it is happening already, what will unfold before your eyes.



In a quick split of a second, a beautiful, ugly, surprising, exciting, surreal moment, a very good one at that have already passed, it doesn’t matter if you captured it or not, just having witnessed it is already a high in itself,

what more if you were quick enough to record that moment? 

Top of your Goal!



anyway, that’s everyone’s mission, to capture such moments, which takes a lot of practice, patience, trial and error, anticipation and quick thinking,



 still in the middle of it all – one must consider aesthetics, balance, contrast, texture, pattern, lines, geometry, rhythm, all these photographic compositions. the cycle goes on and on.






such a beautiful process!


street photography… the many beautiful whys : allrightsreserved©soliven / kalye5 / sp


SP Selection Process : MOA Legs

Scene: 2nd Floor, Trade Exhibit, SMX / MOA

The shoes of this officer manning their reception desk was noticeably protruding outside the table. Behind me are people walking and passing by, with the light source emanating from the main side of the building behind me, it casts the shadows onto the direction of the rooms I was facing.

What evolved was the fun shadowplay with the juxtaposition of the shoes and the ‘walking leg shadows’.

DSC00380 C copy.jpg


DSC00380 C WORKFLOW & SELECTIONS marked 2.jpg

Final Selection: frame no. DSC00380 out of 51 SHOTS
Shooting duration: span of 18 minutes

This series is a study documentation on spotting potential subject/s, location, Intent, Selection process of some choice candid street images. In the process, various intents quickly evolve that can be composed out of the situation .
As it is common knowledge, street photography is a game of spontaneity, chances, luck rolled into one with a coveted common goal to capture that moment in its most exciting, intriguing, beautiful, odd form.
All one has to do is wait for that ‘The Decisive Moment’ as the Great Henri Cartier Bresson practiced and popularized, if you sense a Decisive Moment will happen and you feel it is going to happen, wait for it, IT WILL HAPPEN!
To those who are new to street photography like K5, we advocate the challenge and fun at capturing ONLY the candid, unstaged, and unscripted. ©k5/soliven
#candid  #juxtaposition  #shadowplay


SP Workflow, Selection Process

This series is a study documentation on spotting potential subject/s, location, Intent, Selection process of some choice candid street images. In the process, various intents quickly evolve that can be composed out of the situation .
As it is common knowledge, street photography is a game of spontaneity, chances, luck rolled into one with a coveted common goal to capture that moment in its most exciting, intriguing, beautiful, odd form.
All one has to do is wait for that ‘The Decisive Moment’ as the Great Henri Cartier Bresson practiced and popularized, if you sense a Decisive Moment will happen and you feel it is going to happen, wait for it, IT WILL HAPPEN!
To those who are new to street photography like K5, we advocate the challenge and fun at capturing ONLY the candid, unstaged, and unscripted. ©k5/soliven


Scene: PW with DAAN 2015, Quezon Circle, playground area. 
Standing right in front of this massive violet fiberglass slide 
with an orange color staircase on its side, 
these kids appeared to play in and around the slide, 
one was wearing exactly an orange pair of pants. 
Immediately the intent that evolved was to time and capture him exactly 
at that position when there is similarity with the stairs 
in the background for a clear juxtaposition of FORM and COLOR.

Final Selection: frame no. DSC03999 out of 105 SHOTS
Shooting duration: span of 10 minutes / ©k5/soliven

#candid #k5 #form #color



#unstaged #unposed


kalye 5 candid STR EETS .series1


kalye 5 candid STR EETS .series1

Everyone loves the candid in Street Photography. It is an exciting journey into the unexpected, unstaged and unposed.

I am one of the hundreds of passionate photographers who document life unfolding, and probably spots similar scenarios, composes with the same spontaneity and rules of composition, and inevitably makes similar tendencies.

What would probably make us all unique is the vision, art and soul that go with every shot we make, shots that make us first and foremost happy.

– kalye5 / SP V1.20152019update  / songcredits: U2- who’s gonna ride your wild horses




2015 Best Street Selections

2015 Best Street Selections

The images, taken from various locations and travel destinations around the country/Philippines, is a result of the spontaneous unfolding of moments, captured instantaneously or as gut feel of anticipation of what might develop right before our eyes. Essentially the intent is to capture a variety of moods, apply the ideal technique, approach, or style, the result can be of pure visual aesthetics, while some may offer stories ranging from ambiguous to reality, humor, surreal as a result of unexpected juxtaposition of elements, the list goes on. 2015 ©soliven


1 JANUARY DSC02446 c3 1mb bnw eyeEM

1 JANUARY DSC02622 c 2 copy.jpgjan/2015 ©soliven  /  caterpillar/LaUnion  .   untitled/dominga


2 FEB DSC03999 C 2 copy.jpg

2 FEB DSC04419 C copy.jpgfeb/2015 ©soliven  /  playground/QC . UPcampus

3 MARCH DSC05368 C copy

3 MARCH DSC05806 C copymar/2015 ©soliven   / boy intruder/matnog   .   chili fingers/moa


4 APR DSC06927 C copy.jpgapr/2015 ©soliven   /  hairjuxta/dumaguete


5 MAY DSC03441 c 2 copy.jpg

5 MAY S CURVE may.jpgmay/2015 ©soliven   / rink/moa   .   theCURVE/makati


6 JUNE C 2015 cebu.jpg

6 JUNE DSC04023 c.jpgjune/2015 ©soliven  /  diningtable/Cebu  .  JAY/bohol

7 JULY DSC05245 C 2019.jpgjuly/2015 ©soliven   slippers/bohol


8 aug DSC01490 c bw copy.jpgaug/2015 ©soliven  / surfers.baler


9 SEPT DSC02663 c copy.jpgsept/2015 ©soliven   / students/bontoc


10 OCT DSC04707 c On-SPOT march 2015.jpgoct/2015 ©soliven   / sidemirror.SLEX


11 NOV DSC00677 C.jpg

11 NOV DSC05679 copy.jpgnov/2015 ©soliven  /  scaffolding.carmen  /  sunset/lumban

12 DEC DSC00097 c 2019 Vdec/2015 ©soliven  /  hombre@contis

watermarked.allrightsreserved /sonycameras+lenses                                                                             2015 street photography©soliven


Featured GALLERY /Winning Images ©soliven/kalye5
– It pays big to have handy cameras ready with beautiful opportunities like this.
Chanced upon this scene one afternoon in Feb 2018 at a mall perimeter while on my way to the main mall building. Candidly, silently approached and took several shots while he continued w it. Below are the select images for the workflow, sequence, approach to the scene. / the backstory

Version 4, the shadow version from the series ‘a very helpful shadow’
Progressive-Street / AdminTeam /Ms. Batsceba Hardy
#CrazyShadow Challenge

a very helpful shadow / version2/ ©soliven
GALLERY SELECTION / Street Photography Vivian Meier Inspired/Deb Rishi






– end –