serendipity 5

Serendipitous results are considered gifts, bonuses from the lucky appearance of unplanned but interesting juxtapositions between the human and his environment.

By now street photography has overtaken (?) the other genres in terms of popularity as evidenced by the numerous street photography groups (apf / usp / b&w / upsp / flickr/ etc), due by default to the candid, unstaged nature of it. The results of which can be surreal, obvious, clichéd, funny, or just purely a visual pleasure.

I leave with you street and non street photography friends to read through the frame. The result could be in the form of your comments.

Enjoy if you will.

DSC00044 c bw copy                                                                lianas.laguna. 2016 ©soliven


This is one of my personal picks.

serendipity 5 / usesgears fromsony :  RX100/NEX6/a77





pedestrians of pasay

”  purposely though, this is not about the risks of ignoring traffic rules but a street perspective and a visual appreciation of the rushes of daily chaotic traffic scenes set under the light of the afternoon sun, when shadows cast are at their longest and most interesting angle ” – soliven

DSC00311 c copy


a major road. a busy street. pedestrians lanes. moving – crossing pedestrians. crisscrossing pedestrians. traffic rules. broken traffic rules.

DSC00272 copy.jpg

these are the ‘other’ pedestrians of buendia road, a major intersection along taft avenue. They look funny, amusing but definitely courting disaster, refusing to use pedestrian lanes, not minding the risks, all competing with the space reserved for passing vehicles, speeding buses, cars, jeepneys, just to reach the other side quicker.

DSC00282 copy

DSC00280 copy

DSC00293 copy


purposely though, this is not about the risks of ignoring traffic rules but a street perspective and a visual appreciation of the rushes of daily chaotic traffic scenes set under the light of the afternoon sun, when shadows cast are at their longest and most interesting angle.

DSC00277 c copy

welcome to our urban jungle!

pedestrians of pasay. 2016 ©soliven

usesgears fromsony :  RX100/NEX6/a77

ambiguous photographus

DSC01335 C copy


It is like a puzzle, or the strange taste of durian, or a perched cicada perfectly blending its brownish-green color to a mahogany tree, or a chameleon mimicking something around its environment, just there deceptively in front of you.

Earlier today, i heard from somebody well known say ambiguous while doing a street documentary film. He was referencing on the wonderful street scenarios, images that either make you see nothing at first or see something right away. DSC03955 c bw

cliche’ in subic.©soliven   

There are excellent street photographs that clearly show its intent the moment we saw it, in fact these are the ones that generate outright viewership, and following. Take the path of silhouettes, or of shadowplay, or of a human form excellently captured in between enormous buildings, favorite cliches and sure hits!


On the other hand, there are photographs that are silent, uncertain of intent, seem wanting of purpose, and doesn’t catch attention right away, it may even get lost in the sea of the less obvious yet they give you better satisfaction on another visual and surreal levels.



For the adventurous, studious, there is that certain aspect of some photos that are unclear, look harmless, they are ambiguous.

DSC01521 bnw copydavao.airport.©soliven

It challenges you to examine and look closer, maybe question yourself a bit.

But then, there now emanates the beauty of it… – discovery..

DSC02563 c copy



and realization..and the emotional expression derived from it. thanks to the 19th century pioneers – the various disciplines, and for making great photographs ahead for the ‘now-digital-wielding-culture’.


share your thoughts! – ambiguous photographus. 2015/sony.nex6.a350©soliven

in the bag

 ‘sharpen th10290645_767023543330332_4933490473663732139_ne saw’ is one of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  In photography, that would mean we shoot regularly to hone our skills, or it may also suggest we perfect something that we failed previously. To the avid, photographing street style comes as soon as the camera is strapped to the neck, which I do! As random as it can be, we follow our instinct to shoot as soon as there are opportunities of good subjects and/or interesting scenes to capture, at the airport, bus terminal, in the plane, at touchdown, in the jeepney-tricycle, hotel vicinity, etc.


 somewhereinbatangas.2015 ©soliven

photowalk with my DAAN group

10981925_964567453575939_6223175174074252024_nWhen available, I join my friends and photo groups in scheduled photowalks, but most of the time I venture alone especially when on travel assignments.

So I am one of those who would go out in simple plain clothes, black tees, jeans, good comfortable rubber shoes because it is the feet that bears the pressure mostly. As for head covers, i put on a simple cap to cover from the sun, and sun flare. I leave the wearing of shawls to the journalists, i never felt it necessary to wearing them as i feel it creates a strange impression that you are actually battle-ready  [!?]

10313283_767961699903183_5634611712941584070_nwith SAPI / Sony Alpha  Phils. Intl. my main camera group


so what’s in the bag?in-the-bag

1.medium sized soft canvass sling bag with adjustable shoulder straps. an olive-green salavatorre MANN, economical, enough to carry either a big dslr or a mirrorless camera. It has outer and inner pockets for various storage and securing purposes. 2.3. Sony Nex6 camera. Black, small enough to keep me unnoticed. Extra Batteries. extra SD card.


4.5.6. Coin purse + Money. card for meals and other extra expenses worth a half day walk. iD, of course, for emergency purposes. 7.8.9. mobile phone, earphone. cap 10. that green pair of shades was lost somewhere! so i am now using a black one, and a white one too

11. subject to addition/omission..


so what’s in your bag?

do share! /acknowledgement to fsp, project what’s in your bag 2014.

ciao! 2015 ©soliven

kalye5 PICK

‘white table moment’

DSC01340 c bst G

kalye5 top PICK: my thoughts-studies on it:

Detail: I would like to believe that in composition even at such fleeting-[decisive] moments, attention to detail/s makes a picture a little more interesting to look at, especially in post analyzing the whole frame.

Monochromatic: with the accentuation of the green grass, it was the monochrome color palette that registered in my mind while observing the scene for some 20 minutes. The hotel staff, in his white uniform had been moving these big round tables to the beach side, stealthily positioned from an elevated pavement to get this shot.

Geometry: The combination of geometrical shapes, a circle, a triangle, lines and diagonals, bit of a square were fun to look at especially in post analysis. 

Element of surprise: If at all evident and noticed, does it question the mind as to the position of the huge white panel? does it make the eyes wonder for a second and eventually find the partly seen white shoe? if yes, then thank you, i probably made my point earlier.

the spontaneity, the moment and the small details in the frame, seen or not, this is happy street shooting for me.

Doesn’t that make for a visual journey? I do, I hope you all feel the same too.      


BEresort.cebu City.june.2015 / sonyNEX6.©soliven
28 : streets of CEBU, NEX 6, sony, yernevile. kalye5

DSC01340 c bst G

” wonderstreets ”

Category: Street Photography

Cebu City, is the capital city of the province of Cebu and is the “second city” of the Philippines, it is about almost an hour plane trip from Manila. The visit in June was a work on purpose, but on the side, i had a wonderful time sneaking in and out, shooting the streets whenever, wherever there is a window of opportunity, and the windows are aplenty! ^+++++}!

” wonderstreets   I  CEBU ” . sharing a few.

DSC01154 c2 copyBEresort©solivenDSC01218 c SQ wm copy


DSC00609 C copy

DSC01159 c wm copyBEresort©solivenDSC01352 c wm

Cebu City, is the capital city of the province of Cebu and is the “second city” of the Philippines, being the center of Metro Cebu, the second most populous metropolitan area in the Philippines after Metro Manila. Accordingly Cebu City is a significant center of commerce, trade and education in the Visayas Region. read more – c wm copy


 i carry my well loved sonyNEX-6 almost everyday especially on travel assignments. Replacing the sonyA77 as a travel buddy, it is lightweight, it is compact, it is a monster in low-light situations with its reliable functional ISO numbers.

DSC09723 C wm copymagallanes©soliven

Lastly, it is inconspicuously beautiful in crowds as well as isolation shots!

DSC00565 c wm copypizzarepublic©soliven

I primarily use it for my design and product photography projects, but equally for the perks of travel documentary – geographical-social-tourist-culture-landscapes shots,

HERITAGE OF cebu©soliven

DSC00748 c copy

and uh – yes the travel selfies, whether we like it or not!

DSC09861 bw invert wm copy

streets of CEBU. cebu City.june.2015 / sonyNEX6.©soliven
28 : streets of CEBU, NEX 6, sony, yernevile. kalye5